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Whale watching

Whale Watching is an incredible experience - the fresh air and open water combined with the incredible majesty of nature's most amazing creatures can make for memories that will last a lifetime.

Ballena National Marine Park near Uvita, is home to the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world.  Late December through late April the humpback whales from the North migrate to the tropical waters of Central America avoiding the cold winter. Late July through October the humpback whales from the Southern hemisphere do the same migration.  During this migration the whales give birth to its calf in the calm waters of the Coronado bay (Marino Ballena, Drake Bay and Caño Island).

The most commonly observed whales are the humpbacks.  Occasionally, you can see Bryde’s whales and Pilot whales.  Dolphins are seen throughout the year. The most commonly seen dolphins on the Pacific coast are the Bottlenose dolphins and Spotted dolphins.

Ballena National Marine Park also lies in what is known as the Costa Rica Thermal Convection Dome, which is characterized by its shallow, oxygen-rich warm water layered over the top of colder water with less oxygen. This not only provides an ideal habitat for marine life, but also creates an incentive for many whales to stick close to the surface of the water, where they are much more likely to be spotted by excited tourists.

It was so exciting to be near a creature of that size, when the captain knows that there is a whale male on a safe distance, he will let you enter the water so you can enjoy the whale song.

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