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Considered to be among Costa Rica’s top tourist attractions as they captivate the attention of both tourists and scientists from all over the world, these volcanoes are a key part of this country’s spectacular natural diversity

Among the country's most active volcanoes are Arenal, Poás, Irazú and Turrialba volcanoes.

Poás (11,250 feet) is one of Costa Rica´s most frequently visited and accessible active volcano in Costa. It sits in the national park of the same name.  While the active crater has a boiling acid lake, one of the inactive craters has a lovely icy cold water lake which flows down the side of the volcano to become the Rio Sarapiqui.

Irazú (11,259 feet) east of the capital San José is Costa Rica's highest volcano. On a clear day from the volcano’s summit you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As the soil on this volcano is very fertile, its slopes are lush and green with plenty of forestation and pasturelands for grazing cattle. The trails leading up to the summit are also stunning and are home to numerous exotic and beautiful birds like tapirs and tanagers.

Turrialba (10,958 feet) is the easternmost of Costa Rica's active volcanoes. It is a large stratovolcano with a complex of 3 summit craters and its flanks mostly covered by farmland and forest vegetation.

 Arenal, (5,475) is a major tourist attraction in Costa Rica, is perhaps the most famous of all Costa Rica’s volcanoes. This is because until recently it was the most active volcano in the country, spewing hot gases and steam on a regular basis. Since December 2010 the activity has decreased.  Thought to have a ‘perfect’ volcanic cone, the Arenal is indeed a sight to see as it sits towering amidst the surrounding landscape of the Arenal National Park.

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