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The Guanacaste province is located in the Northwestern part of the country.

Its capital is Liberia. Guanacaste takes the name of the national tree. Its geography is rough because of the Mountain range .Some high zones are located in the Peninsula of Nicoya. Thanks to its natural beauty, including amazing beaches and landscapes, Guanacaste has had an amazing growth in the tourism field, making it the most important economic activity in the area. 

This area experiences a real dry season, in which no rain may fall for months; the North West coast which is the driest part of the country often has few rainy days even during wet season.

This region is known for its beautiful beaches, like Hermosa beach, Coco beach, Sugar Beach, Tamarindo, Flamingo, Avellanas, Brasilito, Samara, Nosara, Puerto Carrillo and many others. 

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