Customized and guided trips to Costa Rica
  • Sunset in Guanacaste

    Sunset in Guanacaste

  • Ballena Beach

    Ballena Beach

    National Park Marino Ballena created to protect the coral reef.

  • Costa Rica Highlands


    A region that offers picturesque scenic drives.

  • A vacation of a lifetime


    Costa Rica is a small country with 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. To protect, conserve and enhance the natural beauty and wildlife 25% of the country is comprised of national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves.

    Visitors can enjoy majestic volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, cloud forest, tropical dry and rain forest as well as picturesque landscapes, all while traveling short distances.

    There are 762 miles of coastlines distributed on the Pacific and the Caribbean.  Costa Rica’s beaches have sand with a variety of colors and textures.   The constant crashing of seashells on coral reefs has created white, golden, gray and black beaches.  

  • An awesome country


    Costa Rica is a democratic republic located in Central America with a population of 4.6 million.  It enjoys political stability and it has great pride on its education and healthcare system. 

    The natural beauty of Costa Rica has placed the country on the top list of destinations to visit during your lifetime.

    Most of the regions in Costa Rica have two seasons, the dry season is the summer or "verano", it is from December to April.  The winter or "invierno" is the rainy season; it goes from May through November.



  • Traveling to Costa Rica


    It is very easy to travel to Costa Rica.  All major airlines have multipe direct flights from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Newark and Chicago.

    Costa Rica has two modern international airports. Juan Santamaria, the main airport, is located 11 miles outside the capital San Jose.   The second airport is located in Liberia, Guanacaste.   It is a great port of entry for visitors that want to explore the great beaches that Guanacaste has to offer.


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